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Holy Spirit led and based on sound Biblical doctrine our programs are a great addition to complement and support any church or ministry.

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What You Will Learn

Workshops are designed to focus on specific areas of concern where interventions and invaluable skills are learned and practiced. Workshops can be designed to meet your structure, timeframe, and topical requests. Here are some common topics for workshops:

God's Design for Marriage


Everyday marriages struggle in silence, and as a result, children, families, and communities are negatively impacted. Many church communities are not equipped to address the intricacies of marital maintenance and repair. God’s Design for Marriage workshops mitigates these challenges by equipping church and ministry facilitators and couples with proven ways in meeting the needs of marriages.


Would you like to host a Marriage Workshop at your church or ministry?

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  • Ministry & Doctrine of Marriage

  • Sex & Intimacy

  • Communication & Conflict

  • Building Affection and Fondness

  • Divorce Predictors & Prevention

  • Extended Family Dynamics

  • Spiritual Connectedness

  • Cultural & Gender Roles

  • Goals & Expectations

  • Betrayal & Hurt

  • Anger Management

  • Partner & Family Violence

We want to help your ministry Build Strong Christian Marriages

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