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The Flower:

Meeting Your Spouse's Needs

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The gardener’s wife takes the flower and designs it into a floral reef and places the reef over the threshold of their front door. The gardener’s wife calls her neighbor and says, “Look, isn’t this flower beautiful?” The neighbor says, “Yes it is, but I think it would be better suited for a corsage.”

There once was a beautiful flower that grew in a garden. It was a flower that the gardener had planted in the most optimal of conditions. Every day the gardener would water it allowing the flower to grow and mature. Season after season the flower would blossom showing off its splendor.

One day, the gardener plucked the flower to be the centerpiece in a floral arrangement to be displayed on his living room mantle. The gardener went to his wife and said, “Look, isn’t this flower beautiful?” to which his wife replied, “Yes it is, but I think it would be better suited for a floral reef.”

The neighbor takes the flower and crafts it into a corsage for her daughter who will be getting married soon. A few days later the flower began to lose it petals. Eventually, all the petals fell off, it shriveled up, withered away and died.

What the gardener, wife, and neighbor did not realize is that the flower wanted to remain where it was receiving the most nurture and growth -it wanted to stay in the garden. Often in marriage, we give our spouses what we think is needed from our perspective instead of what they actually need from their perspective. We must learn to ask our spouses what is it they need, then be willing to meet those needs. Neglecting to do this will result in an emotional death.

At the outset of marriage counseling, some couples often ask how effective will marriage counseling be, and will it be able to fix or save their marriage.

Exercising patience with your spouse allows them the time they need to grow and gain experience in faith. It allows them time to experience both failure and success.

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However, unlike the flower in our story, there is still time for you. There is still time to meet the needs of your spouse. Take action and be encouraged!

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