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We are committed to healthy individuals and families which lead to healthy communities.

Position on Marriage

With the goal of upholding the integrity of this ministry, serving as a living example to our communities, and proclaiming the authority of God’s Word uncompromisingly, all those who serve in this ministry, in any capacity should live by and agree to the Position on Marriage.



Man and women originated from one flesh and therefore when they come together their “one flesh” union is restored. This is a sacred event. We have come to know this “coming together” as marriage. Established by God, this covenant exists between one man and one woman and is at the very foundation of a healthy society. We believe this institution mirrors the relationship between God and his people. Just as God’s love is entrenched into the relationship of his people so should the intimacy exist between a husband and wife. This establishment sets the following precedents:


Complementary but opposite sexual pairing of sexes – Heterosexuality

Two-member union – Monogamy

Sacrament of male and female union – Marriage


Therefore, we hold to the truth that biblical marriage is a heterosexual monogamous covenant.


We hold to the Danvers Statement and the Nashville Statement on Marriage, Gender Roles, Manhood, and Womanhood, and Sexuality.

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