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Marriage Counseling


Whether your goal is to overcome a specific problem or to simply learn new marital skills, we are here to help guide you and ensure you meet your goals. Our marriage counseling is designed precisely to address the needs of your relationship and family. We will assist you in identifying areas of decreased marital satisfaction and relationship distress, then help you set goals and teach you how to reach and maintain these goals.  


Topics we may cover: God’s Design for Marriage, Sex & Intimacy, Divorce Predictors & Prevention, Infidelity & Adultery, Communication & Conflict, Trauma & Greif, Growing Apart, Financial Literacy, Irreconcilable Differences, Manhood & Womanhood, and more.


Individual sessions offer you the flexibility to take as little or as many sessions as you like. You may present any topic(s) you feel needs to be addressed, or you may leave this task to the counselor. Sessions are based on one (1) hour increments.


Typical sessions usually begins with meeting with the counselor to discuss the problem(s) that led you to counseling, what you want to get out of counseling (your goals), and a plan that may be taken to achieve your goals. Sessions that follow will all support achieving your counseling goals and minimization of the problem(s).




Most couples wait too long to seek help for their relationship. When they do it's too late.

Don't be the couple who waits.

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Weekly Sessions

1-Day Marriage Checkup/Workshop

The marriage checkup is a four (4) hour class that is designed to enrich the current state of your marriage. Using the God’s Design for Marriage Workbook, we will assist you with sharpening your marital skills, while providing you with additional effective techniques and skills. God’s Design for Marriage Workbook contains 20 sessions with over 100 exploratory questions and activities for couples to pace themselves through. You can choose what sessions to review or follow our structured format.



God's Design for Marriage – This teaches you a Biblical perspective on what it means to be a husband and wife, and establishes Christ as the head of your marriage. Here you will learn why a heterosexual monogamous marriage is important to God and His eternal plan. Explore what biblical masculinity and femininity are. Learn the importance of marital unity as it relates to marriage, community, fellowship and God’s eternal plan.


Family History - Here we deal with the dynamics of the family of origin (the way you grew up) and the family of procreation (the family you create through marriage). With such an array of family structures and socioeconomic dynamics, families are structured a variety of ways. Likewise, social media and modern technology have forever changed our social patterns. Learn and establish how you will handle family, friends, and strangers in your relationship. Will there rules and boundaries when dealing with those of the opposite sex, how much of your family of origin will you bring into your family of procreation? How will/does your past impact your marriage?


Communication and Conflict – Say what you mean and mean what you say. Learn how to communicate on deeper levels - beyond basic statements of “I’m happy” or “I’m angry.” Learn how to use and recognize non-verbal and symbolic communications. Master the art of healthy disagreements without name-calling, yelling or shutting down.


Sex & Intimacy – Learn how touch, eye contact, verbal affirmations, emotional communication, mental stimulation, sex, and more all work together to create a healthy fulfilling sex life. Sex is not only intercourse, but a holistic experience that begins in the mind. Learn how to explore your spouse’s unique sexuality through new stimulating and romantic expressions.


You are welcome to purchase additional copies on Amazon. It is available as a paperback and Kindle.

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Online Marriage Enhancement Course (temporarily unavailable)

This is an online self-paced course. Couples will work their way through six (6) sections on marriage and family. These sections are the Ministry/Doctrine of Marriage, Family and Boundaries, Communication, Financial Stewardship, Intimacy and Parenting. Couples can use this course as a premarital preparatory course or as an marital enrichment course. This is a self-paced course and can be completed in as little as 6 hours. It is recommended you spend a minimum of 6 hours on the course content (1 hour per section). You must complete each section and pass all quizzes for a certificate generate. Completing questions and discussions will count towards time fulfillment.


Marriages that are successful, do not wait, but seek counseling sooner and remain engaged in life-long learning. If you are married and are looking to enhance your marriage then this course is for you!

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The content in this course will in large come from God's Design for Marriage: Marital & Premarital Workbook. This book is available for purchase on Amazon. The book is optional but many find it to be an invaluable tool for personal growth in their marriage.


We highly encourage you to purchase the book if you:

  • Would like to continue growing your marriage.

  • Would like to facilitate marital education in any capacity (groups, retreats, counseling, etc.).

  • Need insightful activities to foster growth in marriage and relationships.

  • Individual growth to become a better husband or wife.

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