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It will challenge and enhance the way you think about yourself, your spouse, marriage, and your relationship to the Gospel!



  • Biblically Based | Doctrine of Marriage 

  • Self-Paced Sessions

  • Use In Marriage Ministries/Groups

  • Marital Enhancement

  • Premarital Preparation

  • Strengthen spiritual connectedness

  • Learn to Resolve Conflict

  • Build Relationship Skills

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For Workshops

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Whether in couples counseling leading a marital retreat, facilitators have used God’s Design For Marriage in a variety of settings.

  • Marriage Retreats

  • Marriage Ministry Groups

  • Small Groups

  • Couples Counseling

  • Marriage Workshops

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Premarital Counseling

Over 200 combined questions and activities!

Groups have used God’s Design For Marriage in self-paced group setting. Groups go through 20 weekly sessions with over 100 combined questions and activities. Participants benefit from seeing other couples practice relationship skills need for a healthy Christ-centered marriage.

With over five months of content, couples may pace themselves through 100 exploratory questions and activities. Couples may also choose what session(s) to review based on their relationship needs. Couples often highlight Communication & Conflict, Sex & Intimacy, Family History, God’s Design for Marriage, Differences & Expectations, Gender Roles, and Managing Emotions.

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Terrell and Taneisha have their beginnings in Roosevelt high school, Yonkers, NY. As high school sweethearts, they remained together and married in 2002. Life began quickly for the Pugh’s, purchasing their first home one year later, along with the arrival of their first child. It was only two years later in 2004 they both entered active ministry. Their journey has not gone without tribulation with the loss of their daughter Gabrielle Hadassah Pugh in 2006. While these and other challenges were being experienced, God was imparting them with godly wisdom through their family, leaders, and life lessons. Today, they have seven beautiful children, a growing ministry, and a successful business. They have a passion for studying and teaching God's Word. Leisurely, they enjoy exploring the great outdoors, traveling, road tripping, theme parks, ziplining, and a good movie.


Terrell Pugh, Counselor, CPC, NCC, MS, is currently the Pastor and Counseling Director for their practice, Arise and Live Christian Counseling. As an ordained pastor since 2006, he has taught in the areas of Christian Studies (systematic theology), Spiritual Enrichment, and Ministry Training. As a counselor, he works with those dealing with various forms of depression and anxiety. Terrell also holds a Master's degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. Terrell is currently completing a Doctorate in Developmental Psychology.


As a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), Terrell holds a master’s degree in counseling, and has met requirements for coursework, supervision, and clinical practice hours.


Taneisha Pugh, Counselor, MS, has a God-given passion for helping families and marriages tackle the difficulties of the twenty-first century. With a Master’s of Science in Psychology, Taneisha has a passion for marriages, seeing families made whole, and is currently working on her Doctorate in Forensic Psychology.

T E R R E L L  P U G H

T A N E I S H A  P U G H

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The purpose of this workbook is to challenge couples to embrace a Biblical understanding of the interactions between husbands and wives. Our desire is to encourage couples to cast off secular world-views and understandings of marriage, and firmly grasp what God has designed. By embracing the concepts put forth in this workbook, we believe couples will be better equipped for a long-lasting Christ-centered marriage. When reading through this workbook do not look for partner-application, look for self-application. In other words, look to apply the truths of this text to yourself.