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Christian Counselor Certification

& Ministry Training

We provide Christian Counseling Certification and training for Christians who desire to enter the ministry and practice of counseling.


We also train and help develope Churches and ministries in areas counseling ministry and mental health.


Classes provide a sound foundation in Biblical doctrine and theology necessary to inform, guide, and ground Christian counselors in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Our classes will also equip counselors with the knowledge of psychological and counseling theory applicable to various counseling settings and individual, couple, and family needs.

Course Curriculum

Course: Theology

  • Biblical Theology: Doctrine of Scripture

  • Theology Proper: Doctrine of God

  • Christology: Doctrine of Christ

  • Pneumatology: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

  • Theological Anthropology: Doctrine of Man

  • Hamartiology: Doctrine of Sin

  • Soteriology: Doctrine of Salvation and Atonement

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Course: Introduction to Counseling and Psychology

Learners will be introduced to the basics of counseling and related issues that either aid or hinder the practice of counseling. Learners are also exposed to the techniques and theoretical underpinnings of counseling approaches.

  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling

  • Christian Counseling and Psychology

  • Counseling Techniques

  • Counseling and Psychology Theories

Course: Human Development

This ourse introduces counselors to common factors that contextualize counseling families, couples, and individuals. Theory and application are explored to help counselors better understand the dynamics of life as it is experienced. Learners will explore how a person develops over time and the psychological implications of development. Students will also be tasked with examining sexuality and culture as it relates to behavior and norms. Trauma is another area of examination that counselors will carefully seek to understand within the human experience. This course prepares the counselor for the contextual and unique needs that future clients will present.

  • Human Development

  • Multicultural Counseling

  • Trauma, Crisis & Grief Counseling

Course: Couples, Family, & Individual Counseling

This course provides learners with specific theories, knowledge, and methodology for counseling couples, families, and individuals. Each group, whether couples, families, or individuals, provides unique challenges. Learners will be confronted with these challenges and provided with the resources to adequately address them. Students will gain a strong self-efficacy for counseling couples, families, and individuals. Students will also learn what group they work best with and how to effectively deliver counseling services.

  • Marriage & Couples Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

  • Child & Adolescent Counseling

  • Group Counseling

Course: DSM-5 Mental Health Disorders

This course catalogues over 30 the most common mental health disorders, identified by the DSM-5, and organizes them into an easy-to-understand pages. Through this course counselors will have access to the criteria that will help them to identify common mental health disorders like depression, ADHD, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.

Certification Pricing and Fees

Counseling Certification Course


Certification Renewal

(Includes continued access to course and course content)


1on1 Counseling Training or Consultation



Ministry Training For Church Leaders




$150 / Every 2 Years


$75 / hour



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