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Husbands often desire to have a wife who is more yielding then one who seeks to seize power and authority. Wives often desire the freedom to be...

Forgiving an individual who has hurt you grants them the freedom to give new meaning and definition to their actions; it frees them from the past.

Husbands sometimes feel they are being spoken down to, as if they were children or less intelligent, by an unyielding aggressive wife.

There are many reasons why marriages dissolve; however, it is never because God desires this. There is no scenario...


At the outset of marriage counseling, some couples often ask how effective will marriage counseling be, and will it be able to fix or save their marriage.

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What does your marriage say about you? Are you trustworthy, honest, loving, patient, understanding, and do you display the fruit of the spirit?

When we embrace our roles in our marriages, we respond from a place that offers reason and wisdom, contributing to God’s plan for your marriage and family.


Attunement is how people connect with other's emotional state, and are able to see other people’s perspectives, then respond sensitively and effectively.


With infidelity being one of the most difficult  and damaging marital problems to treat it is important that couples are aware of risk factors.

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Often in marriage, we give our spouses what we think is needed from our perspective instead of what they actually need from their perspective.


Porn can hinder your sex life with your spouse. Exposure to porn can change what you desire and intensity required for arousal. This means an inability...  Read More


Marriage is a power-filled union God uses to teach us how to love an imperfect person unconditionally.  Often, over the course of marriage we lose sight of this. We lose...Read More